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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

You should perform routine maintenance of your air conditioning system to keep it in top condition. During a scheduled visit, the technician will check the voltage, inspect the condenser, drain lines, belts, and vents. In addition, he or she will check the refrigerant and drainage lines and clean and lubricate any ports or fittings. Finally, he or she will inspect the thermostat and blower motor.

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The first step in proper air conditioner maintenance is to turn the power off. Make sure the condenser is unplugged. Check the wires and connections for signs of overheating. If there are any burnt or melted insulation, the wiring should be replaced. Use an electrical test meter to check the capacitors. If you are not comfortable with these repairs, you can also contact a professional HVAC company. During your biannual checkup, HVAC professionals can also include condenser unit maintenance.

Next, you can take care of the outside of your air conditioning system. If your air conditioning system is centrally located, make sure that the ductwork is sealed and does not leak. Cleaning the filters and removing debris from the system will increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Ensure that the vents are unobstructed and that there are no obstructions. You can also check the remote control for proper functioning and replace the batteries when they are no longer in use. If you are not confident in your own repairs, call a professional in your area to do it for you. You can even include condenser unit maintenance into your biannual air conditioning maintenance appointment with an HVAC company.

Once you have checked the air conditioner’s ductwork, you need to clean the condenser unit. You can hose off the motor without getting it wet, but you should also inspect the filter to ensure that there are no clogs or debris in it. If you don’t feel comfortable performing these repairs, call a HVAC expert in your area. You can even ask them to perform these tasks as part of their service.

Your air conditioning unit should be well-maintained and free of any debris. You should also keep the ductwork in good condition and clean the air filters regularly. Besides these, make sure that the fins on the AC coils are not twisted or bent. If they are, you should contact an HVAC expert right away. If the problem is caused by your HVAC, it will require a professional to correct it. However, you can try to fix some of the issues yourself.

You should clean your air conditioner regularly. Not only will this help it run near its original factory specifications, but you’ll save money on energy bills. In addition, it will last longer. And with regular servicing, you can be sure that your system will continue to keep you cool. This will also prevent the need to replace your air conditioning system in the future. In addition to regular service, it’s important to take care of your cooling equipment in order to keep it in top condition.


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