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Although there are many excellent players in ice hockey

Although there are many excellent players in ice hockey however, there’s some players that make a mark above all others. Here’s a list of the most famous players in the sport. If you’re a hockey fan, these names must be well-known. Apart from being famous These players also played a role in the development of the sport. Let’s look at their unique characteristics and the impact they made in the sport. You can then look at their achievements in comparison to other players to pick the most successful one to add to your collection.

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One of the most famous Ice hockey players ever has to be Stan Mikita. Mikita was introduced to the sport in Canada as a young boy, and later was then moved from St. Catherines, Ontario. He played for three seasons with the St. Catherines Teepees in the OHA before making the jump into the NHL. His talent, determination and perseverance helped him to be on the list of all-time greats. Even with the most glamorous accolades, Mikita is the oldest athlete to ever play the sport.

Alongside the many the hat tricks he performed in the NHL and beyond, he also was a star in his career. He was awarded the Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year during his rookie season and recorded an impressive 109 points. This number would remain for a while until Teemu Selanne broke it in the mid-90s. Stastny completed his playing career scoring 1,239 points over 977 games. Many believe he is the best basketball player in Europe.

Another player that was not recognized for his outstanding skills was Maurice Richard. A Red Wings fanatic would certainly be negligent to overlook the legendary player. He was awarded the Art Ross award once and was the league’s top scorer in scoring during the 1949-49 season. Another player who won an award called the Ted Lindsay award was Bobby Clarke who was the captain of his famous Philadelphia Flyers. These are only a few of the best players who played the game. The list will increase!

Bobby Hull is another legend. He was famous for his slapshot that was a hammer, along with his younger brother Brett was a proponent of the same approach. Brett Hull one-timed the puck and was able to get lost in the his coverage. In the span of his NHL time, the player would sprang to gaps and ate at goalie players who were in opposition. If you’re an NHL fan, then you should look into purchasing this book!

Another player who changed this sport was Wayne Gretzky. He set records in numerous ways and was a dominant player in his time by winning the four Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers and nine times as the NHL MVP. He also played until he reached the age of 52, which makes Gretzky a legend. Other players who played in the NHL following Gretzky included Maurice Richard and Mario Lemieux. These two players set the stage for expansion and contributed to increase the popularity of the sport across the United States.

Following Sicard’s list, Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby could be able to make it on the list someday. There is already talk of McDavid’s rise to becoming one of the greatest players of all time. It will be interesting to see who will be on the list. Make sure you choose your top player and let us know your thoughts! You’re likely to be able to create an amazing list.


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