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Cool math games

Try to fly through all five levels while avoiding the parachutes with …
70 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Help RoboClock get through all five levels of this telling time game b…
56 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Daeng of The Forest
The Man named Daeng want to resque his village from bad Dinosaurs, Dae…
56 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Numeric Maze China
31 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Panda sum
A fun addition math game
27 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A fast paced and challenging word finding game.
32 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Skater Math
Skateboard your way through this math skills game. Practice your arith…
37 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Perfect Ten
Math challenge. Get a 10 result from 4 initial numbers by adding or s…
15 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Fairy magic math
Fairy magic math game.
21 plays  Rating: 0.0  

The Maths Quiz
Are you a true nerd? Do you have what it takes to get through a High S…
26 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Heatblast math addition
Heatblast math addition-shooting game.
38 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Almost Millionaire
Humorous Parodie of the "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" sho…
44 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Arthropoda Search
A classic word search about arthopods. Every time you play it, words…
37 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Mini Math Quiz
Test your math knowledge
33 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A maths experiment-game. It's funny to make a triangle. The file show …
77 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A simple game that uses geometric shapes to test the accuracy of your …
48 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Protists Search
A classic wordsearch about protista organisms.
21 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Protista Match
A classic matching game with protista organims.
260 plays  Rating: 0.0  

The Mathematical Ability …
The Mathematical Ability Base Training
24 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Addition Test
Addition Test,choose correct answer
16 plays  Rating: 0.0  

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