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The Apothecary's cellar
Build your vocabulary with this etymology (word formation) trivia game…
26 plays  Rating: 0.0  

The Apiculturist's Labora…
An etymology (word formation) trivia game to learn the origin of words…
17 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Tang Poems 3 - An Autumn …
You are one of the best apprentices Creihan the Calligrapher has ever …
24 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Tang Poems 2 - A Spring M…
As an apprentice to Creihan the Calligrapher, your task is to put all …
15 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Ancient code
Learn the very basic knowledge you need to read and write Chinese with…
26 plays  Rating: 0.0  

The Magic Harp
A pronunciation game to learn where to place the accented or stressed …
19 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Tang Poems
Match Chinese characters with their pinyin or with their meaning in th…
53 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Animal Kingdom
A hidden word game to build your English vocabulary from basic words t…
45 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Wizard Typing
Use the keyboard to type the letters on the falling rocks after the vo…
44 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A Super Hard Flags Of The…
Match up a selection of world flags to their countries and prove your …
40 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Piano Tutor
Piano Tutor. Learn music.
480 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Question Quest
Exciting and fun vocabulary learning game. With user developed conten…
38 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Word Buster
Find as many words as you can, that start with these 3 letters.
21 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Picture Vocabulary Test
Picture Vocabulary Test
29 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Educational Animals Puzzl…
Educational Animals Puzzle
25 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Super Typing
Super Typing
21 plays  Rating: 0.0  

DinoKids - Trash Typer
DinoKids - Trash Typer is a simple, fun and educative mini game. With …
48 plays  Rating: 0.0  

DinoKids - Geography
DinoKids - Geography is simple, fun and educative mini game. You can l…
25 plays  Rating: 0.0  

White Blocks
Bring you to childhood
24 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Amanda Armadillo
Amanda Armadillo needs your help to forage for food! Help her get her …
43 plays  Rating: 0.0  

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