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Date added: 2012-08-26   Times played: 29
The ultimate storytelling experience. Write stories with authors all over the world and share them as a fascinating role playing adventure.



• An author creates a story writing the 1st scene and adding character(s) and location(s).

• Then other authors can write up to 3 scenes (children) to follow the 1st one (parent), linking them with an action to choose.

• An author cannot write children scenes to one of his own.

• When an author writes a new child scene, he can add characters and locations to the story, as long as he mentions them in the scene.

• Also, he must attribute up to 5 points to the scene, depending on the quality of the action taken. This will determine the score when a player reads the story.

• Finally, he must choose if the scene is an end or not (ex: the hero dies...), an end scene won't have any children scenes.

• Each new story will be in writing process 30 days after its creation. After that, all non-ending scenes leading to no actions will be deleted and the story will be moved to the 'Read Story' section.

• Anybody can report a scene that is irrelevant or offensive. It will be reviewed an removed in consequence.


• Read a scene and choose one of up to 3 actions.

• Each scene is worth an amount of points (0 - 5), try to get the maximum points for each story.

• You cannot go back if you choose an action you don't like. But when you reach an ending scene, you can start the story over again and try to beat your score, that's the thrill of the game.


story  writing  reading  write  read  tell  story  writing  reading

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