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Popular Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

Annie Slowan is an accomplished artist who offers many fine art works of the 21st century. Her art collection includes watercolors, oil paintings, digital art, collages, jewelry, paintings and sculptures. Her most popular canvas wall art include The Artist, Still Life with Two Birds, Still Life with Black Waterfall, Still Life with Red and Yellow Moss, Still Life with Blue Waves, Still Life with Golden Sands, Still Life with Grey Stones, and Annie’s Rose-White Wall. These are just a few of her most popular paintings that have been displayed in galleries and homes around the world.

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Her paintings are bold, fresh, and modern. She likes to portray the rugged individual in the best possible light. She understands the importance of color and how it can affect a person’s mood and opinion. In her paintings, she usually uses strong black and bold tones of reds, blues and greens. She often paints on the walls in primary colors like reds, yellows and greens to bring out the strong contrasting shades.

In this painting, we see a young couple on their wedding day sitting beneath a large chalkboard sign. Annie uses dark blues for the background and adds an interesting use of shade in the foreground of the couple as well. In the painting, the woman’s hair is in a messy bun with her dress splashed across the front of the picture. The man’s head is resting on the wedding band while he holds the bride’s hand. Annie has always been inspired by the true love that people put into their work or art.


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