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Protection and Security For VIPs

A personal bodyguard, also known as private security officer, is a kind of protection officer, state law enforcement officer, or military service member that guards a single individual or a small group of individuals – usually high-ranking public officials or members of the armed forces. Personal bodyguards are enlisted to provide safety and protection to business or private individuals, executives, celebrities, athletes, royalty, celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs. The main objective of personal bodyguards is to act in defense and as an auxiliary to law-enforcing officials in situations where their presence may be required.

A bodyguard does not have an array of weapons like an ordinary police officer does, but he/she is well-trained in the use of certain gadgets that make it possible for them to apprehend criminals. Some of the most common weapons employed by bodyguards include stun guns, TASER devices, pepper spray, firearms, and firearms devices. Bodyguards are highly trained professionals who understand that their job involves extra responsibility because they are literally protecting VIPs, money, and people of power. Their daily responsibilities include surveillance, escort, and detection of illegal activities that do not meet the standards of the law.

Private Bodyguard Cost

Becoming a personal bodyguard requires a lot of work and training. Bodyguards are expected to complete extensive education and training before they are considered for employment. They are usually hired after a personal protection agency spots an individual that they deem to be a target, and then the agency recruits the bodyguard. In exchange for service, the agency deducts a portion of the salary as an incentive for the bodyguard to continue working for the agency. A personal bodyguard must maintain a high level of integrity and a high degree of professionalism to be hired by a client.


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