Home Business The Basics of the Sales Funnel and the All-In-One Marketing System by Matt Cutts

The Basics of the Sales Funnel and the All-In-One Marketing System by Matt Cutts

ClickFunnels is a very successful affiliate marketing system developed by Jon Miller and Greg Marshall, who have been online affiliates for over 10+ years. ClickFunnels allows you to generate huge amounts of traffic online with the use of preloaded banners and text ads, as well as an auto responder system that helps you in generating leads and building relationships with your customers. “ClickFunnels puts the control of the web in your hands of business owners allowing you to make massive profits on a daily basis,” says Miller. “With a proprietary drag and drop editor which allows you to quickly create stunning websites and profitable sales Funnels, you are able to receive large amounts of traffic into your company’s website everyday, without the need of hiring a full-time staff!”

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ClickFunnels has been used by many top affiliate marketers, including David Purdie, John Reese, and Matt Cutts, who have been able to significantly increase their income by using clickfunnels. “I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to start an online business, or expand an existing one,” says Matt Cutts. “It does everything that I expected it to do, and much more. It has made managing my online businesses much easier than before, and I no longer have to hire any extra help.”

ClickFunnels provides a complete dashboard reporting tool that is extremely useful when it comes to optimizing your websites or making quick analysis of your campaigns. “If you are selling a product, it’s important to keep track of which keywords your customers are converting for, and use tools such as clickfunnels to find out what these keywords are, and how you can improve your conversion rates,” says Purdie. “We have all made mistakes, so it’s always nice to have some numbers to back up your work. It’s nice to know that our SEO campaign isn’t sending us the results we wanted, but with clickfunnels we can quickly analyze our campaigns and see exactly what our conversion rate is.”


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