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The Corgi dogs that you see at the animal shelter

The Corgi dogs that you see at the animal shelter aren’t purebred, but a mix of a purebred Poodles and a non-bred Cocker Spaniel. The Corgi breed of dog is actually a cross between two breeds: the British Mastiff, and the Standard Schnauzer. The Corgis are a very popular breed of dog, and they were named after the city of Corgis, located in the South of France. The Corgi’s origins have been a mystery for many years, but now it has finally been revealed that these amazing dogs were imported from England. The English imported the Corgis into Europe in the Middle Ages as a means of increasing their manpower, which resulted in them being war heroes.


In the United Kingdom, these Corgi dogs are known as Welsh corgi dogs. The Corgi breed started out in Norfolk, England around thirteen hundred years ago. A common belief is that the Corgi dogs were imported from China, but there’s no proof to support that theory. All of the Corgis that are listed in the UK register with the British Kennel Club, so the possibility does exist that they came from China.

Many different characteristics can be found in a Corgi, such as a head so big it may cover the eyes, a high neck and a tail that sticks out. Their coats can be very long and flowing, or short and silky. These unique characteristics make the Corgi dogs very popular around the world. The British Corgi is now considered a separate breed from the standard poodle, because the British Kennel Club doesn’t consider the Corgi dogs to be part of the standard poodle group. Because the Corgi has so much in common with the English bulldog and the Jack Russell, the Corgi dogs are often referred to as “Corgies” or “Scottish royalty.”


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