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Top Ten Signs You’re A Social Media Addict

The social media world has been a major element in our daily lives. With an ever-growing number of users, many are now making use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook regularly, if not on a frequent basis. What can we do to determine whether our usage of these websites has become something other than typical? If you are able to identify yourself with these indicators and you think you’re addicted, then you might get addicted to social media. This is why we have them.

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The Top Ten Signs You’re A Social Media Addict

Your real-life conversations comprise of a maximum of 140 characters.

You’re no longer able to have “real life” conversations.

You are part of a social community for addicts on social networking.

In Facebook you’re a fan on… Facebook.

If you were informed that Google announced the launch of an online social media platform, you were awestruck and immediately tweeted about the news.

If someone asks you which of your friends you have, will respond with things like Ashton Kutcher, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Gates.

Youtypethingslikethistouselessspace and put #hashtags #in #front #of #everything.

You’re on Facebook with the entire graduating class in high school, even if you didn’t communicate with them or even like them all.

The most enjoyable part of the day is checking whether you have any recent followers or friends, or fans.

It was tweeted by you and then posted it on Facebook as well Dugg it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what it is that makes someone to be an “addict.” Leave a comment and tell me about things that have made you, your friends or coworkers addicted.


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