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Another spot to visit within Santa Margherita of Italy is the basilica

A vacation in Santa Margherita of Italy will definitely be an enjoyable adventure, considering that the town is a beach treasure with more than 300 sunshine days a year. Tourists can take a relaxing stroll along down the Salita San Giacomo, which has stunning panoramas of the harbour. Another must-see of interest is the Baroque style San Giacomo di Corte Church. The town was once a hamlet. Corte was later united with Pescino and is now the capital city of Santa Margherita of Italy.

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The picturesque harbor in the town has all the beauty and charm Portofino with pastel colored buildings. The hillside in front of the harbor is dotted with olive groves and lush forest and sailboats can be seen cruising through the lively marina. The town is also home to many stores and restaurants. When in Santa Margherita, visitors can wander through the streets of its medieval architecture and marvel at the town’s magnificent architectural style.

The town also houses stunning castles, including which is the Santa Margherita Ligure Castle, with stunning panoramas of the town. Additionally, visitors can go to the stunning Villa Durazzo, which has stunning grounds, and occasionally witness opera performances. The market in the morning is the ideal opportunity to get tasting local food and fresh produce vegetables, a variety of meats, and wines. If you visit Santa Margherita of Italy, you’ll be able to feel the energy of a seaside town and you’ll be compelled to visit the experience for yourself.

It is considered to be the main churches in town. It was first constructed during the thirteenth century. The 17th century was when the church was renovated and was constructed in baroque fashion. In the middle of the city’s beauty it is possible to see the statues of apostles Peter and Paul. The church is illuminated by crystal chandeliers of great size and is certainly worth a visit.


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