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At the very beginning of the evolution of Christmas trees

It’s a fact that it isn’t really Christmas until your family members get the Christmas tree decorated and up. There’s no symbol of the Christmas season that’s more widely known than the Christmas tree that is well lit. The tradition of Christmas tree begins with the 6th century.

Origin of the Christmas Tree

According to the Christmas mythology The idea of the Christmas tree is derived in the footsteps of Saint Boniface often referred to by the name of Apostle to the Germans. He is praised for his work in converting earlier Germans to Christianity The legend claims that Boniface took down the Tree of Thor, a tree which was considered an image to the Norse gods, who they believed in. Through the cutting of the tree, Boniface was able to convince the earlier Germans they were pursuing an untruthful religion. The fir tree later used as a symbol for Christianity to honor Saint Boniface’s work.

More recently In the 1600s Martin Luther established the tradition of decorating an evergreen tree in celebration of the season of Christmas. This Christmas tree was viewed as an Protestant answer in response to the Nativity scene. It was viewed as a Catholic Christmas-themed decoration.

Christmas Tree Decorations

At the very beginning of the evolution of Christmas trees to be a decoration for the holidays, the public realized there was lots of enjoyment to be had when decorating the tree. In 1584, the very first documented ceremony of decorating the tree took place in Estonia in which the tree was decorated with spruce with a dazzling display of young men and women from the community dancing in the midst of it. At this point in time of history, the famous christmas tree, a majority of the festive celebrations revolved in the trade guilds located in every town. Every guild picked the tree that would be the centerpiece of their hall and then decorate the tree. The tree then became the center point of that the guild’s Christmas celebrations, need one, buy new tree than buy from wholesale christmas trees.

Christmas Trees in the 20th Century

The 20th century witnessed an increase in the usage of massive Christmas trees within towns and cities to act as the focal point of festivities of the local community. The most well-known tradition is the establishing of the National Christmas Tree, displayed in a grand manner in the South Lawn of the White House and illuminated every year by the president of the United States in a televised celebration that is brimming with all the celebrations that the country can achieve. This National Tree tradition started in 1923. This National Christmas Tree celebration has changed with the circumstances, and has recently made a switch to solar power to power the numerous lights.

The tree of the holiday season that is placed on the square in front of Rockefeller Center in New York City is yet another traditional holiday event that has been going on for a long time. The area is transformed into an ice skating rink in order for the trees. The utilization for Rockefeller Center by NBC’s entertainment and news divisions has led to the light of this stunning tree to be an increasingly popular broadcast event with performers as well as comics creating an event out of the lights of the tree.

Whatever you decide to decide to do with the tree this season, you’ll be taking part in a long-standing Yuletide custom that’s sure to be awe-inspiring for many generations to be.


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