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Before you travel to Croatia, make sure you have checked

You may be curious about what to do if you’ve never been to Croatia. Below are a few tips to help you remember. Protective clothing is essential to prevent getting sick in Croatia. You can avoid getting sick while you are visiting Croatia. Wear sunglasses, a hat and a helmet. Be alert for suspicious people.

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You can consult the protocol for local municipalities of the Croatian Institute of Public Health if you have concerns about your health or that of your family. You can find this document which outlines the Croatian health regulations. You should always wear a mask if you have any illness. When outdoors, you should wear medical masks or face masks.

Guests who are not from the EU/EEA must get the necessary vaccinations before they travel to Croatia. Negative results for the MMR vaccine should be reported to insurance. Third-country citizens must have paid accommodation or a Croatian house. Non-EU/EEA citizens must also have a negative PCR or antigen test in order to enter Croatia. You should consult your healthcare provider if you do not have these vaccines.

South African and Brazilian citizens must pass a negative PCR test. If the test is positive, they will need to undergo 2 additional tests upon their return. They must be isolated for 14 days if they are not negative. They can reduce this time to seven days if they arrive in Croatia. Before arriving in Croatia, you must fill out an online vaccination form if you are from another country.

Before you travel to Croatia, make sure you have checked whether you are infected by SARS. You will need to submit a PCR result and be kept in quarantine for 48 hours if you are confirmed to have SARS. To enter Croatia, you must pass a negative PCR test if you have been diagnosed with SARS-CoV. Before you travel to Croatia, you may be required to have a SARS-2 vaccination.


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