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First thing an acting auditioner looks for in a candidate

The first thing an acting auditioner looks for in a candidate is how well they take direction. A casting director is always on the lookout for actors who can read a script and work within its guidelines. If you feel like you don’t know your lines, read them out loud with a friend, and get them to perform them in different ways so that they can see how versatile you are. Often, the auditioner will ask actors to perform their lines with different emotions to demonstrate their range and adaptability.

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Some casting directors may ask you to read a scene, or tape your performance. For a television commercial audition, prepare one to three pages of dialogue with a character description. A monologue or song may also be necessary for an acting audition. In a theater audition, you will probably read a script from a play, or be asked to perform it in the character’s voice. A casting director may ask you to change the character you are playing at this point.

Before your acting audition, arrive early and have patience. You may have to wait for a few minutes, and making friends will help to calm you down. Moreover, it helps you to gauge the competition. Keep in mind that the longer the audition lasts, the less likely you are to get the job. However, if you’re auditioning for a voiceover role, be prepared to spend a bit of time in the waiting room.

Aside from reading the script, actors should also familiarize themselves with the other characters in the scene. This way, they will know how to interact with other characters on stage. Some directors might not provide scripts, and actors are required to sign non-disclosure agreements in this case. In such cases, you’ll have to memorize one or two lines of dialogue, but make sure you do your best during the audition regardless of what happens.

During an acting audition, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Agents have many clients to deal with, and those who fade into the background are unlikely to get the roles they want. To stand out, keep in contact with your agent regularly. Send them an email or call them on their cell phones, and make it a point to meet them in person. Remember that they love to talk with actors. You never know who might be able to find the perfect role for you.

Before your acting audition, read the script carefully. The casting director will likely ask you questions about the script and the storyline. Make sure you have specific points to make, and remember to focus on your lines and delivery. The casting director will want to hear positive feedback, and you don’t want to leave the audition without an offer. For more tips on how to perform at an audition, visit Expression City. Don’t miss out on the chance to get started on your career!


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