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How to Plan a Successful Home Renovation

Planning a home renovation is an exciting prospect. Not only will it improve your living space, but it can also increase the value of your home. Several factors need to be taken into consideration to make the project go as smoothly as possible. For instance, you should consider whether you want to add a habitable floor, such as an attic conversion. Building regulations, permits, and aesthetics of your property may also be involved. It is a good idea to seek recommendations from friends and family members for an architect, builder, or project manager.

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First, determine the cost of the project. Many lenders will allow staged payments on home renovations. When applying for a home renovation mortgage, be sure to outline the stages of the renovation. You should also have a comprehensive budget and timeline prepared. Be sure to factor in the cost of materials and labor. It’s also important to provide a timeline for the renovation project. This is important because you will need the time to determine whether you can make the renovations on schedule and within your budget.

Second, hire a reliable builder. When hiring a builder, make sure he has years of experience, a reliable network of subcontractors, and a proven process. Make sure you communicate with your builder before hiring him/her. It’s also important to check the reputation of subcontractors and ensure that they adhere to budgets and schedules. And, most importantly, be sure to hire someone who is transparent about the entire process.


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