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If your content is easy to understand easy to access

How can I draw people’s (or the attention of dogs) focus?

The second article is a PowerPoint tutorial that will show how to design an outstanding cover slide by with simple guidelines which are simple to follow.

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It is important to know that the Best PowerPoint presentation design starts with the design of your cover slide. If you’re looking to amaze and delight viewers, the process all starts at this point. If you’re looking to create an PowerPoint presentation that is a hit then you must start with this slide. The cover slide is what sets the tone for the entire presentation and will allow you to appear credible.

The packaging.

Packaging is utilized to cover, advertise and distinguish a particular product. The cover slide of your PowerPoint presentations are the products, and your cover slide serves as the packaging. Its function is to protect, promote and distinguish your presentation. Keep in mind that PowerPoint presentations’ design begins with the cover slide. Your cover slide needs to stand out from the crowd to grab the attention of viewers.

Capture your audience attention.

Making a stunning cover and displaying it as you introduce yourself or your subject is your chance to grab your audience’s attention. The good news is that this slide will demonstrate to the audience that you have invested some effort into the appearance. If this slide is fantastic it will be expected to see some more stunning slides to come up in the near future.

According to me there are two ways to make slides for cover: with photography, or without. Let’s explore the first option first. We’ll cover the rest later. Before beginning the PowerPoint tutorial, ensure that you’ve scaled your slide to 12x 7.5.

The first step is to find an image that demonstrates your point that you wish to prove.

PPT design begins with the following question What’s your presentation’s topic? What’s it’s connection to? Answer these questions, and then search for a beautiful illustration, picture or sketch that is related to the area. You might be a salesperson or engineer, a musician or an astronaut. It doesn’t matter. Remember our SUCCESS rules? Keep it simple and clear.

Keywords to search for. Make use of your brain. You can utilize Google, Bing or Yahoo! Images databases to search for stunning images. You can also browse blogs on your topic. Also, you can use the Flickr Search tool. Be sure to select high-quality photos that have a good resolution. If not, the image will appear cheap and unprofessional. What’s the reason you should take the time to create an (good) photo? Because , once the audience have seen it and absorbed it, their attention will be drawn immediately back to you since you are the one who holds the information. If you contain a lot of text on your slide, they’ll be reading it instead of listening. You don’t want that to happen.

Then I went on Google images and then entered “engineering drawing”. I selected one of the interesting options available

The next step is to insert the title of your presentation.

You’ve inserted your image. Now, make sure you stretch your images out to cover the entire slide (just ensure that the image does not deform too the extent that it is). Let’s go back on that “engineering drawing” picture I recently selected. I’ll need write down what this PPT presentation is about , don’t you think? I would not recommend putting the text contents directly on the image.

Although it’s readable, it’s difficult to comprehend. This could be even more difficult. Consider your audience Make him feel comfortable. If your content is easy to understand easy to access, your audience will feel at ease with your PowerPoint presentation, and will pay attention to what you say. Your PowerPoint presentation’s title color can be selected in accordance with the photo (you’ll notice it’s “power supply stuff” is brown, and is a component of the background image). Create a each line a text box / keyword. You can alter the your font size and style with ease. On this slide, you’ll find two texts boxes: “Engineering Topics” and “Power Supply Stuff”.

For a presentation to be able to include a title There are two options:

The Skinny Bar

The Skinny Bar style is my personal favourite since I concentrate on the background of my photography. Your photography should be noticeable in this style. Absolutely nothing else. The thin bar width is around 1/3 of PPT height. In terms of the shape, you could choose between a rectangle or a round rectangle. For the bar’s position in your cover slide I suggest asymmetry as it’s more interesting.

The Fat Bar

The focus is more on the photos, regardless of whether your bar appears transparent or not. It’s surprising that the large bar is actually fat and will take about 50% of the PowerPoint width (from 1/2 to 1/3). I suggest using the fat bar when you need additional text you want to include to the cover slide. For example, title of presentation Business Unit Name, date and so on.


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