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Inspiration Behind Tesla’s Innovations

These innovations will be of great use in our daily lives and will prove to be a boon in the near future. But, what we need to keep in mind is that innovation cannot happen everyday, or even every week. It is a process, which takes time, money, energy, hard work and commitment. And, innovation has been going on since ages but only in this millennium we are seeing its fruits.

Elon Musk is a highly successful entrepreneur, industrialist, and engineer. He is also the founder, chairman, CFO, and chief executive officer of Space X, owner of Tesla, Inc., and product creator of The Boeing Company. He has played a major role in both Internet and rocket science areas and he is now using the same innovative ideas to create new companies and industries. All of these ideas are now running independently and without any backing from any organizations or people.


Innovations by others are not limited to physical products but also can include information technology, energy, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, education, computer sciences, and social networks. But, each of these innovations and creations of others can also make possible other future inventions, processes, models, and innovations. So, all the innovators and inventors of the world have contributed in making this world what it is today. We should also thank Mr. Musk for his vision and innovative thinking in bringing us into this modern era.

But, there are certain points of similarity between all these innovations. We have to recognize the importance of collaboration between public and private sector in order to maximize the innovations, the process of transformation of business industries, and bring about socio – economic growth of the entire world. Innovation and creations by others can bring forth a revolutionary change in the way of doing things in a particular field. Inventors like Musk are able to understand the need of collaboration between various people in order to make use of their creative minds, experience, knowledge, resources, ideas, research and development, resources of various companies and bring about innovations, process of transformation and bringing about dramatic changes in various areas like electricity, air, water, information and computing.

All the people, all over the world have an incredible potential to change the way things are done and bring about better quality of life and prosperity for everyone. All these innovations, inventions and creations by others are creating opportunities for the poor and the middle class people to improve their lifestyle and quality of life. All these innovations and inventions are benefiting both the poor and rich sectors of the society.

The world today is faced with a number of problems, some of which are very technical in nature, while others are rather academic in nature. But all of them are linked to one common problem that is termed as pollution and its adverse effects on our ecosystem. Hence, we as human beings should use all available resources to find innovative solutions for the problems faced today rather than spending our time in researching more innovations and creations which could add to the load of pollution in our environment and eventually cause a lot of damage not only to our environment but also to our economy.


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