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It is also a positive sign for the entire industry since it suggests

Somewhere, all companies hire external experts in digital marketing to offer inbound marketing, SEO PPC, inbound marketing, and social media solutions. In Dubai the expertise is provided as agencies or freelancer. In a competitive B2C and B2B context budgets are tight and resources are limited. how can potential customers understand the expense associated with digital marketing Dubai? What are the benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai is more affordable than you think! So far, the details of what are the appropriate costs when hiring an online marketing company in Dubai has been a bit hazy and not always transparent. The reliance on intuition won’t take you far, and information about the rates and fees for services isn’t readily available.

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If you’re considering engaging with an external provider of digital marketing expertise, getting the ability to see clearly on the typical costs requested for monthly retainers as well as the hourly rate for marketing services in Dubai isn’t easy and time-consuming to calculate. Digital Marketing Pricing Survey Insights A recent survey conducted by Credo which matches potential clients with consultants or marketing agencies, has released data from their most recent survey on pricing for digital marketing. The survey was sent out to 184 participants across 19 countries , and provided some interesting information on current trends regarding pricing for digital marketing. Freelance consultants are priced by hour or monthly base prices and charges for projects. Globally, the rates of digital consultants remain determined by years of experience. Consultants who have 1-3 years of experience are charged around $88, whereas those with more than 10 years of experience will charge the average amount of $189.

Pricing for agency services is all over the place. Agency with between 2 and 5 employees and between 6 and 10 employees are actually charging higher than agencies with between 11 and 20 employees, according to the study. SEO agencies seem unsure of pricing their services, with prices being all over the place. The survey revealed an hourly rate of $145-$181 Companies and consultants who have a focus on strategy have higher prices than agencies with a broad range of services. Monthly retainers, project fees and hourly rates all are more expensive for services that are related to strategy.

Impacts on Clients

With all the variations in rates and the competition with freelance consultants The cost of engaging a marketing company in Dubai could be less expensive than you would think.

Determine the exact you’re looking for, then overlay it with a an annual service cost from a selection of potential agencies, and use it as the basis for the negotiations. Many agencies are quite transparent about their cost base and the utilization rates they’re aiming for and, consequently, know the extent to which they can bargain. Agency Versus Freelancer As one might expect, there are certain important differences in pricing between freelancers and agencies.

Freelancers typically serve clients via a mixture of hourly rates and project-based charges.

The preference of agencies for contracts with monthly retention isn’t surprising, since they typically have more overhead to manage.

The typical monthly retainer in the field of digital marketing contract begins at $1,000 and can go up to $5,000.

The bigger the agency, typically, the more services they can offer under the same umbrella. If you’re in search of the combination of digital marketing solutions an agency can lessen how much coordination that you will need to conduct as a client. The bigger the company is, the more personalized solutions they usually offer which means the more expensive the price per customer needed to cover the specialized knowledge and expertise. The best clients often, small and medium-sized companies feel they’re at an advantage when working with an agency because of their size in comparison with larger customers. But, often small, medium and large companies are the most desirable clients from an agency’s perspective.

The truth is that digital advertising , as an industry in Dubai is relatively undeveloped, and most agencies do not have the infrastructure and expertise of corporations to serve enterprise-scale customers.

Therefore, small and medium-sized companies can provide an agency with steady revenue streams that aren’t as complicated and expensive servicing fees that are associated with large multinational clients. If you’re a small or medium-sized company don’t be shy to discuss your needs with an agency. They are looking for clients similar to yours which is another reason you should consider hiring an online marketing firm in Dubai might be lower than you think! High Demand Agency Services Despite the numerous digital marketing solutions, SEO and PPC services are the most popular sources for agencies of revenue. The top five types of services demanded by customers are SEO PPC management, Social Media Content Marketing Analytics and UX

Analytics and UX design (UX) are growing in the spotlight as their significance to attracting new customers and maintaining their loyalty is becoming apparent. This is evident in the growing presence of these services in the range of digital marketing services that customers are looking for at their companies.

It is also a positive sign for the entire industry since it suggests an organized and more disciplined method of digital marketing across the Middle East. It also reveals the lack of awareness by marketers and business owners of the necessity to build a proper analytics capabilities within the company.

In the same way, providing a positive user experience right from the beginning of a digital marketing campaign will go a long way to boosting the acceptance of online marketing especially as regional Internet users are becoming more seasoned as well as have greater expectations for their online UX.

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Conclusion If you’re looking to hire an agency for marketing there is good news. The cost to hire an agency for digital marketing in Dubai might be lower than you anticipated and there are various pricing structures and models to choose from.

Many agencies utilize a variety of pricing models like a regular monthly retainers for services or milestone pricing for work that they undertake frequently, or hourly prices for more complicated or new projects. Discuss which one is most suitable for your needs with your potential agency, and you might get a wonderful surprise!


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