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IUD and Not Getting Pregnant

IUD (Intrauterine device) is such a small thing that is carefully placed inside a woman’s uterus. This will prevent her from getting pregnant with an accuracy of 99 % as a contraceptive device which is not bad.This affects the movement of the sperms and the eggs from the ovary so that it will prevent fertilization. I just came from a family planning seminar with my friends as they carefully introduce/explain different methods, I’ve noticed that there were so many questions arose about IUD, So I’ve decided to share it.

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This procedure is usually done when a woman is having her menstrual period, because Doctors have to be sure that the woman is not pregnant the day that they will insert this device.

This can actually stay and lasts inside the uterus for 10 years, of course it depends on what kind of IUD they will apply. IUD is not for everybody. The following are this list of women who can’t undergo this method:

* Woman with pelvic or cervical infections

* pregnant women

* unexplained vaginal bleeding

* HIV positive

* and has a history of ectopic pregnancy

This procedure maybe sensitive to other women, but for those women who are not positive of the list above. This is safe and effective. Now if the IUD has exceeded the time frame. They need to visit their doctor and ask for removal. It has no bad effects, If it is still in the right place. Or you can still reach the thread that is inside the vagina/ thread position. But if you can’t reach it anymore, then it maybe dislocated so better have it checked.


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