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Queen Victoria who demanded the highest tree

Do you think your Christmas tree is like it’s from the past? In the case of decorating Christmas trees, there are some tips for style to be following to make them look modern and trendy.

The huge fat round Green Team Christmas tree has gone out, and the smaller artificial one is on the rise. It is due to the fact that when it comes down to the decoration of your Christmas trees, the latest trends are more toward taller and conical forms rather than rounds and fat shapes.

This design is more in the style of modernist styles that were popular in the 1970s and, oddly it is the tall conical trees were popular in the Victorian period. The the queen Victoria who demanded the highest tree that could be used for her living space as well as the narrower tree’s diameter was essential to accommodate these slender and tall trees inside Victorian homes. Similar can be said for modern “cozy” condo lofts and apartment buildings that often have high ceilings with little floor space, and would make a perfect slim Christmas tree more than one that is larger.

Natural trees that are short and thin are trees like spruces and forsythias. They have a smaller size than cedars and pines. In the case of artificial Christmas trees, more more companies are creating slim, artificial trees that will fit comfortably into our urban life.

Artificial trees are in, while natural trees are not in. Maybe the real Christmas trees will never be trendy, however, if you’re an aficionado of fashion, and you want to look trendy, then consider artificial Christmas trees that are the most vibrant color you could discover. It is essentially to select a tree which seems like it could fit nicely in the bedroom of Lieutenant O’Hura in Star Trek.

Each year, the artificial trees appear ever more comical. They are available in various shades and types of materials like PVC, vinyl and Tinsel. These artificially slim trees in bright colors are extremely loved by young people. Certain websites sell Xmas trees that look simply a coil of pink, yellow and blue lights. They are free standing and simply imitate the form of a Christmas tree.

The two hottest colours for trees are white and red. Red trees are characterized by an odd look which is similar to an old Kodachrome image from the 1970s. But that’s one of the reasons they are so appealing. Artificial trees that are white are simply stunning and especially those prelit trees that are adorned with branches sporting shining optical tips.

One method of decorating your Christmas tree with style is to stay minimalist. If you want to look fashionable keep the tree with only one or two colors. In this case, you can embellish a natural evergreen using just gold bows and crystals. White Christmas trees look amazing with uniformly-sized Christmas balls, from the top to the bottom. An artificial sky blue tree can be decorated in monochrome using glass balls that offer a more intense color of blue.

A minimalist design is also appropriate to the design of ornaments which you pick. Choose only one or two forms to keep the design of the tree simple and elegant. Consider for instance, omit round glass balls, and opt for conical glass balls or flat spheres to embellish your all-round tree. In the same way, the trend for a slim artificial Christmas tree has a lot in common with the current fashion for thin conical christmas decorations. Conical Christmas decorations are largely associated with the retro style of the seventies.

One of the most fundamental principles of fashion, and decorating your home is breaking every rule and the same is true for Christmas tree decorations. It is a matter of deliberately disregarding Christmas customs in the hopes to put a different twist on the traditional Christmas tree. Instead of, for instance, using the standard star or angel as an ornament for your tree, you can make the spray of fibrous, moving diodes in a multicolored pattern that you’ve created with Christmas rope lights. An interesting concept is to create stars from red velvet, and embellish it with feathers of peacocks as well as faux gems, gold bows.

Another method to break the tradition is to decorate the tree using only one colour. For a unique look, you can consider putting the biggest decorations in the lower part as well as the tiniest ones up top. place the larger ones at the top, and the smaller ones down below. Another suggestion is to have all your Christmas tree decorations of identical in dimensions.

A major trend that has been dominating fashion and design during these past few seasons is hanging the Christmas tree in any way you want insofar as it’s not on its own. For instance, you can hang it over the ceiling or hanging it upside down off the ceiling and securing the wall.

One of the key factors for decorating Christmas trees is the fact that the more individual it’s decorated, the more personal. An excellent example of this is the cook who decorates his Christmas tree with the only knives and forks made of plastic or the mom of a newborn that decorates the tree using baby bottles and toys. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year you might like to embellish your tree using Buddha figures as well as fortune cookies.

A great method to personalize the Christmas tree you have is by using baked goods. Christmas tree ornaments that are made from gumdrops in yellow and pink, and toothpicks would look great on an artificial white Christmas tree, for instance. Gingerbread gingerbread people made at home and snowmen made of shortbread would be a great match along with a prelit red artificial Christmas tree.

A good place to start is in the candy shop. Select the candies you enjoyed as a child. Smaller trees look great with candies that are wrapped in foil. But the main thing is to choose a minimalist style. Make sure you don’t fill the Christmas tree with more than seven types of candy. Make it look festive with 2 to three varieties to create an appearance of consistency.


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