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Real Estate Property Meaning

During a chapter 13 bankruptcy, Georgia law provides for an automatic stay which is an order that stays a bankruptcy case from proceeding. During the period of a bankruptcy, all regular means of having debts paid are suspended and a debtor’s credit is ruined. This can also be referred to as debtor’s cramp. During a chapter 13 bankruptcy, creditors can only send payment to a person who is actually entitled to receive it. A creditor can file a petition to have the case dismissed if the debtor has been making payments within the period specified in the petition.

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Under a chapter 7 bankruptcy ruling, there is no longer any right to collect any monies from an individual or family. During a chapter 13 repayment plan bankruptcy, the court can request that all debts be repaid by a specific date, which is usually six months after the date of filing. During the six-month period, no creditor can call the debtor or send a letter regarding the debts. Georgia court orders can stop collection activities after the date specified in the bankruptcy order.

A co-signer is one who signs the real estate property documents. If a borrower fails to pay his or her mortgage, the lender will issue a bail bond to cover the mortgage, which can be recovered by a release of the bail amount designated for the mortgage. If the borrower fails to make the mortgage payment, this bail bond can be collected by the lender. The bail amount is usually 10% of the outstanding mortgage balance. There are many differences between a co-signer and other parties with the right to collect the bail amount.

The terms “real estate property” and “offer properties” refer to real estate properties that can be bought, developed and mortgaged. These terms have various common meanings in different sections of real estate but generally refer to properties that have been offered for sale by a lending institution or a real estate broker. It also includes any real estate property purchased from a bank or mortgage company. A “market value” is a price established by a lending institution as a starting point for determining whether or not to make an offer on a real estate property. A “lowered value” is a price at which the real estate property is sold in a private sale.

The term “forest community” refers to real estate developments that contain homes. Most real estate properties developed in the united states are town homes. Town homes are single family residences located in or around a town. There are many different types of town homes including single family dwellings, multiple unit dwellings (including condos), mobile homes, row homes, bungalows, condominiums, and town houses.

For real estate developers in the United States, town homes are especially attractive due to the ease of building construction. Many new construction town homes are constructed on site and then delivered to their owners. When a new construction home is delivered, it is generally completed and ready to move into the hands of its new owners within a few short weeks. Because most real estate developments take about eight to ten weeks from start to finish, many buyers can move in immediately. Buyers have the convenience of living in a new construction home within a few short weeks, once the new construction has been completed.


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