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There are many things to do if you want the history of the city

Santa Margherita, Italy is a beautiful place to visit when you are visiting Ligurian’s eastern coast. The small town is home to many impressive villas. It is also well-positioned for exploring the coast. There is a train station nearby, and hotels in Portofino are usually cheaper. The charming seaside town is a favorite destination for art lovers. The beautiful San Gerolama Abbey was built in 1361. You can also find an Italian Renaissance-styled garden.

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Beautiful views of the small harbour can be seen from Villa Durazzo, an aristocratic garden. In the 15th century, the ligurian elite constructed the villa. The Santa Margherita Ligure fortress is located nearby. It was built to defend the town against incursions from the Saracens. It is now a small museum.

Take a stroll down the five-kilometer long promenade connecting Santa Margherita and Portofino for a relaxing afternoon. You will find plenty of spots to relax and enjoy a cocktail, or an Italian meal on this scenic stretch of the seafront. There are many places to shop in the city. Piazza Mazzini is the heart of the old town. It features a fountain called Christopher Columbus. A fountain is located in the center of Genoa to honor Christopher Columbus, who was born in Genoa.

Santa Margherita Ligure Castle offers a stunning view over the bay and sea, while the Piazza Caprera has one of the most popular markets in Italy. The Basilica di Santa Margherita d’Antiochia has a beautiful baroque fa├žade and an elegant interior with Corinthian columns, chandeliers and other decorative elements.


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