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Understanding the Law When it Comes to Failure to Obey Traffic Controls

Failure to obey traffic laws can lead to a very serious accident. This behavior resulted in 23,498 car accident-related deaths in the United States last year. When you are a driver, it is important that you follow all regulations and laws and do not endanger yourself and others. Breaking this law and red, which means stop, is putting yourself and others in an extremely dangerous situation.

When you are driving, you have the responsibility to obey traffic controls and signs. If you do not obey traffic controls and indications, you put yourself and others in risk of a car accident. There are many different ways that drivers can violate these laws and still cause car accidents.

It is important to remember that if you are ever stopped on suspicion of breaking the law or suspicion of drunk driving, you should go to the cop’s car and yield the right of way. A trained police officer will know the official traffic control devices that are in place to keep traffic safe and legal. Failure to yield and stop sign, brake lights and emergency lights are common reasons for a car accident and if ignored, you may end up with a ticket and fines.

One of the most dangerous ways to drive is to speed or to ignore road signs or traffic controls. In the past, many drivers could easily ignore traffic signs and stop signs, but now more states are cracking down on this behavior. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, last year there were an estimated sixteen thousand deaths caused by people being involved in auto accidents that disobeying traffic laws. Of those sixteen thousand deaths, three hundred and sixty-five were caused by drivers who failed to obey traffic controls. The majority of these accidents took place in the state of Florida.

Another serious mistake that drivers can make when it comes to failure to obey traffic controls is failure to pay attention to the stop sign or the red traffic light. Studies have shown that people who drive around with their eyes on the road usually make the fatal mistakes of not abiding by traffic signals. On the majority of occasions, drivers who do not see a stop sign or a red traffic light before they make a turn will fail to meet their head on and cause an accident. A driver who runs red lights is also at risk for hitting a pedestrian or a car that is in the path of the vehicle.

failure to obey traffic controls

Being a good driver does not mean that you will never have accidents. It just takes more awareness and focus to avoid them. If you follow the rules and regulations of the road and are a safe driver, then car accidents should not occur. However, if you are always speeding or ignoring traffic signals, then your chances for car accidents are increased dramatically. It is important to know the law when it comes to being a safe driver, but it is also important to follow the laws and regulations so as not to get into trouble with the authorities.


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