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What is Tile Regrowth?

Tile regrouting is a complex, specialized process that requires skilled labor and advanced tools to ensure the tiles and grout are properly reinstalled in tile construction. Generally, when a tile is reinstalled in a tile construction the original tile is removed and the new tile is selected from the available tile selection templates. The resulting tile usually has a better visual appearance and bond with the underlying marble or underlying stone surface than the initially selected tile. This process is also referred to as tile replacement or tile re-tiling.

Tile grouting involves creating a new surface top layer over an old grout layer by cutting tile base slag from a tile fabrication shop with cutting edges and then cutting the new grout to fit the old grout. Often the grout lines are sealed and then the tiles are set on top of this new surface. Many tile regrouting processes involve using chemical sealers such as grout sealant, but many do not. Cost of supplies and related materials usually needed to re-grout tile including: tile re-tiling supplies, tile fabricator’s chemicals, tile sealing supplies, fasteners and sealants, and related products. Tile grouting can be performed on bathroom tiles and granite kitchen and floor tiles.

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Some older ceramic tiles can be restored to their former appearance by tile regrouting. In cases where the tile regrouting cannot raise the tile to its correct height for the application area, a new application of grout will be necessary to fill in the missing spaces. The completed tile regrouting job can then be installed and if everything goes smoothly the tile regrouting will restore the file to its former beauty. There are many other tile grouting techniques such as using trowels and manual power applications but they are not as consistent and reliable as the tile grouting process.


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