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Where to Find Kayaks for Sale

Kayaks are one of the most popular watercraft for recreational boating or weekend trips on the water. The best kayak brands are those that meet your needs based on your level of experience with watercraft. The best kayak companies will give you a comprehensive test and demonstration of each kayak model you inquire about, so you know you’re getting a quality item. In fact, you may test-drive many different makes and models before deciding which to buy. Here are several factors to consider in your quest for finding the best kayak.

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The type of kayak – There are three basic classifications of kayaks. They are canoe style kayaks, kayak cruisers, and kayak surfers. The canoe style (or inflatable kayaks) are suitable for white water use and can carry a single person easily. Kayak cruisers are great for flat water and provide plenty of room and storage for a couple or several people. Kayak surfers are very stable and have a long hull span; they’re also good for long distance kayaking. Your choice in this category will depend on whether you plan to kayak for sport, an excursion, or both.

Performance If you intend to use your kayak in white water situations, you need a kayak that can stay afloat. All leading kayak companies will offer classes for new and experienced kayak users to teach proper kayak technique in calm waters as well as for whitewater rafting. The more advanced user can test their skills in competitive conditions, such as the pigeon river in England. This class is available in both beginner and advanced classes and offers a qualification based on completion of a recognized course.

Experience If you plan on kayaking for any significant amount of time, you should look for a class that provides a minimum of eight hours of instruction. Class one requires a minimum of two hours of instruction in basic kayak techniques. Any good class one class should include a demonstration of a sit up paddle and a few short paddle maneuvers. If you are seeking to obtain your pilot license for white water rafting, you will also need to complete a class one safety class. This certification is available from the same source where you registered for your kayaking registration.

The People’s Voice Award in the Travel Website Category recognizes those kayak models that are recommended by others within your niche market. These kayaks are normally highly versatile, easy to transport and assemble. For example, a kayak that is rated a “A” for maneuverability in the open sea may be rated an “A-.” However, if you take just five minutes to read the comments left by past purchasers of this kayak, you’ll see that most purchasers consider these kayaks high-priced and beyond their means. A better alternative might be to purchase the People’s Voice Award in the Travel Website Category.

There is yet another source of information that is available to potential kayak buyers. Kayak Direct is a travel agency that purchases kayaks direct from manufacturers and then sells them through a retail channel. Kayaks from this manufacturer and retail channel are advertised on billboards and in magazines. By taking advantage of this source of advertising, a potential kayak purchaser can save a significant amount of money.


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